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Type xM

Technical Information:
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Type "XM" Extrusion Melt Blender

The Type "XM" static mixer is constructed of X-Grid crossing bars. It has been used successfully for over 35 years for the mixing and/or dispersion of viscous fluids. The "XM" static mixer is considered a high performance design that homogenizes viscous materials in a short length and is capable of mixing materials with equal or very large differences in viscosity and volumetric flow rates.

Static Mixing Applications & Industries
General Applications

- Blending Dispersion
- Heat Transfer
- Mass Transfer

Process Applications
A wide variety of process applications take advantage of static mixing technology including:
Laminar Flow
- High – Low Viscosity Mixing
- High Viscosity Mixing
Industrial Applications
- Process industries utilize static mixers in a broad range of applications such as: Plastics Extrusion
- Homogenize colorant, melt temperature and viscosity prior to mold/die.
Polymer Production
- Mix low viscosity additives into polymer melts
- Heat and cool polymers
Chemical Industry
- Heat and Cool viscous materials
- Mix Reactive materials in short length

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