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Type SH

Technical Information:
- Bulletin Steam Heaters ("SH" Series)
- Steam Heater - Inline Specification Sheet

Power Generation
- Batch Tank Fill
- Caustic Heating
- Clarifier Water
- Condensate Heating
- HRSG Condenser (Boiler Tube) Pre-heating
- Pre-Heat Boiler Feed Water To DA

Other Industries
Cosmetics & Detergents
Energy Minerals & Ore
Processing Natural Gas
Processing Pharmaceuticals
Pollution Control
Potable Water Treatment
Reverse Osmosis
Feed Pretreatment
Scrub Noxious Gases with caustic
Vegetable Oil Processing


Type "SH" In-line Steam Heaters

The Type "SH" Steam Heater is a very high heating efficiency device (up to 99%) due to direct steam injection into the process line. No moving parts, low capital cost, minimize noise and vibration and practically no annual maintenance cost required. Using a single modulating steam control valve, the Type "SH" Steam Heater could provide up to 10:1 turndown capability. Typical Steam Heating application includes direct injection of steam into water line to produce hot water in Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Oil & Gas Plants, Food Processing, Mining, Pulp & Paper Mills for the heating of paper pulp flow streams. Standard Material of construction is Type 316/L Stainless Steel. Available in pipe sizes from 1" to 36" diameter.

Steam Heating Applications & Industries
General Applications - Water Heating

- Boiler Feedwater
- Central Hot Water
- Hose Stations
- Tank Heating
- Clean-In-Place (CIP)
- Jacketed Vessels/Reactors

Industrial Applications
A wide variety of industrial process applications take advantage of steam heating technology including:
- Deaerator/Boiler Feed Water
- Jacketed Vessels/Reactors
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- Tank Heating
- Tank Washing
- Cellulosic Pretreatment
- Corn Syrup Production
- Liquefaction/Slurry Mash Heating
- Slurry Tank Heating
Food, Beverage, Meat, and Poultry
- Starch Cooking
- Hot Fill
- Central/Point Of Use Hot Water
- Rendering
- Scald/Dip Tanks
- Wastewater/Anaerobic Digestion
- 180F Water Critical Areas
Metal Industries
- Boiler Feed Water
- Annealing
- Tank Heating
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- De-aerator
Paper, Pulp & Recovery
- Whitewater Chest/Silo Heating
- Repulper/Recycled Fiber Heating
- Starch Cooking
- Pulp Stock Heating
- Green Liquor Heating
- Black Liquor Heating
- Sodium Chlorate Railcar Unloading

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