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Type "SH"

Technical Information:
- Bulletin Steam Heaters ("SH" Series)
- Steam Heater - Inline Specification Sheet
- Steam Heater - Inline Specification Sheet - SI Units
- Process and Instrumentation Diagram (Type SH)

Power Generation
- Batch Tank Fill
- Caustic Heating
- Clarifier Water
- Condensate Heating
- HRSG Condenser (Boiler Tube) Pre-heating
- Pre-Heat Boiler Feed Water To DA


Type "SH" In-line Steam Heaters

The Type "SH" Steam Heater is a very high heating efficiency device (up to 99%) due to direct steam injection into the process line. No moving parts, low capital cost, minimize noise and vibration and practically no annual maintenance cost required. Using a single modulating steam control valve, the Type "SH" Steam Heater could provide up to 10:1 turndown capability. Typical Steam Heating application includes direct injection of steam into water line to produce hot water in Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Oil & Gas Plants, Food Processing, Mining, Pulp & Paper Mills for the heating of paper pulp flow steams. The design flexibility of MXR's Steam Heating Technologies will provide superior heating performance in any fluid heating application. Standard Material of construction is Type 316/L Stainless Steel. Available in pipe sizes from 1" to 36" diameter.

Steam Heating Applications & Industries
General Applications - Water Heating

- Boiler Feedwater
- Central Hot Water
- Hose Stations
- Tank Heating
- Clean-In-Place (CIP)
- Jacketed Vessels/Reactors

Industrial Applications
A wide variety of industrial process applications take advantage of steam heating technology including:
- Deaerator/Boiler Feed Water
- Jacketed Vessels/Reactors
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- Tank Heating
- Tank Washing
- Cellulosic Pretreatment
- Corn Syrup Production
- Liquefaction/Slurry Mash Heating
- Slurry Tank Heating
Food, Beverage, Meat, and Poultry
- Starch Cooking
- Hot Fill
- Central/Point Of Use Hot Water
- Rendering
- Scald/Dip Tanks
- Wastewater/Anaerobic Digestion
- 180F Water Critical Areas
Metal Industries
- Boiler Feed Water
- Annealing
- Tank Heating
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- De-aerator
Paper, Pulp & Recovery
- Whitewater Chest/Silo Heating
- Repulper/Recycled Fiber Heating
- Starch Cooking
- Pulp Stock Heating
- Green Liquor Heating
- Black Liquor Heating
- Sodium Chlorate Railcar Unloading

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