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Type "L-PD"

Technical Information:
- Static Mixers ("L-PD" Series)
- Static Mixer Specification Sheet
- Static Mixer Specification Sheet - SI Units

Other Industries
Processing Natural Gas
Pollution Control
Power Generation
Feed Pretreatment
Scrub Noxious Gases with caustic


Type "L-PD" Low Pressure Drop Static Mixer

Typical Applications

- Water Treatment - Mixing additives like coagulants, flocculants, dewatering agents and for pH control.
- Power Plants - Introducing and mixing gaseous additives such as ammonia for NOx reduction.
High Mixing Efficiency
- High Mixing Efficiency for Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Gas & Gas-Gas Mixing Application.
- About 50-70% lower than conventional Static Mixers available in market today.
Short Mixing Length
- Typical Length required is just 2 to 4 times Nominal Pipe Diameter.
Option - Port/Injector
- Better distribution of Additives prior to the Static Mixer.
- More efficient mixing as a result.
Materials Of Construction
- Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and other exotic metals.
- FRP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other Thermoplastics.

Process Applications
A wide variety of process applications take advantage of static mixing technology including:
Turbulent Flow Flow
- Gas – Liquid Contacting
- Gas Mixing Low Viscosity Liquids Mixing
Chemical Industry
- Dispersing immiscible liquids in washing and extraction operations
- Dissolve gases into liquids such as NH3, SO2, Cl2
- Mix gases with air in front of catalytic reactors such as in the production of Nitric Acid
- Mix Reactive materials in short length
Water & Wastewater Treatment
- Dissolving CO2, O2, Cl2, ozone into water
- Flocculants dilution and addition to waste water
- Mix ground and surface waters
- pH control of waste water with acids/bases

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