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Type DE

Technical Information:
- Bulletin Desuperheaters ("DED" Series).pdf
- Bulletin Desuperheaters ("DES" Series).pdf
- Desuperheater Request For Quotation.docx

Other Industries
Cosmetics & Detergents
Energy Minerals & Ore
Processing Natural Gas
Processing Pharmaceuticals
Pollution Control
Potable Water Treatment
Power Genertation
Pulp & Paper Processing
Reverse Osmosis
Feed Pretreatment
Scrub Noxious Gases with caustic
Vegetable Oil Processing


Type "DE" Desuperheater

The Type "DE" Steam Heater is custom-designed for direct injection of water vapor in the form of water mist into a line containing superheated steam in highly efficient fashion. Each unit employs 2 specially designed mixing modules to instantaneously mix the water mist with the superheated steam in a mixing chamber. Typical desuperheater application includes Power Generation, Process Industries, Paper and Board Industy, Food Industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Brewing & Distilling, Boiler & Turbine installation. Standard Material of construction is Type 316/L Stainless Steel. Available in pipe sizes from 3" to 60" diameter.


Process industries utilize Desuperheaters in a broad range of applications such as:
Boiler & Turbine Installations

Chemical Process Power Generation

Brewing and Distilling Industry
Steam Heating systems

Chemical, Process and Pharmaceutical Industry
Reactor Heater Jackets and Coils
Steam supply to process heaters & other process equipments To reduce the temperature and pressure of steam from boilers to economic levels of operation. Food Industry Coffee Evaporator Heat Exchangers Product Conditioning Steam Cooking kettles Oil and Gas Industry Let-down Station & Turbine bypass Mechanical Vapour re-compression Thermocompressor discharge Steam supply to process heaters Vacuum distillation start-up heaters Paper and Board Industry Paper Drying Machines Power Generation To reduce the temperature of steam discharged from turbine bypass systems to that required for other process equipment in the plant.

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